Expressive Art therapy

What is Expressive Art therapy?

Expressive Art Therapy offers a great range of tools and methods that include various forms of art.

It is one of the most efficient psychological modalities in terms of connecting people with their resources, their inner strengths, qualities,  and the power and potential for overcoming variety of issues.

In the creative process one meets herself, as each creative act presents a possible solution, guidance, explanation and meaning in every single difficult situation a person can face in life.

In art therapy sessions it is possible to shed a light on broad specter of conditions, traumatic experiences, suppressed emotions, inner conflicts and various negative patterns of thinking and behavour. All this can be externalized through producing some form of art* – a painting, a clay sculpture, a photo collage, a written story or a poem. By doing this, one is able to look at her issue from a certain distance, having the chance to see the problem from a different perspective and thus getting a deeper understanding of the genesis of the issue, as well as the possible solutions.

*Art here means not some sophisticated artistic product of aesthetic value, but the mere object of one’s artictic endeavours, pure because of the use of artistic approaches.

The focus is on the creative process and the experience of externalizing one’s inner world and all the impressions, emotions and realizations that can arise meanwhile. NOT on the aesthetic value of the final product.

Diving into the creative process, not just by being a passive observer, but by taking the role of the active creator, can be deeply liberating and can have immense therapeutic and transformative effect.

Sessions with expressive art therapy are suitable for anyone. You do not have to be an artist in order to be willing to experience the healing power of art therapy! It’s not even necessary to have any interest or knowledge in art. This approach is appropriate for anyone eager to explore the endless realm of their inner world and meet their authentic Self.

Art therapy is a great tool for connecting a person with one’s intuition and for developing curiosity towards one’s own potential for personal growth, self-exploration and self-actualization.  

Expressive art therapy differs from Art therapy because it uses different forms of art, not just one. The most common techniques and approaches include:

  • Visual arts
  • Photo therapy
  • Therapy through writing
  • Dance and movement therapy
  • Acting and theatre therapy
  • Ecco and nature therapy

The goal of each session is to express anything that can be challenging to be put into words in the standard talking therapy session. Art therapy gives the client the opportunity to experience and unload the emotional burden of complex issues. It has nothing to do with possessing extraordinary gifts and talents but everything to do with the desire to know oneself!

In the creative process one can identify current problems and externalise and objectify inner conflicts. People that have experienced the healing power of art therapy usually are able to transform difficult situations and get better understanding of themselves and the deeper meaning and special place of anything that happens in their life.

 Способите от Експресивната арт-терапия са един чудесен инструмент човек да изследва това, което е, да бъде тук и сега, като същевременно осигуряват емоционално дистанциране посредством появата на трети елемент – продуктът от арт-терапията. Един от най-полезните и практичените елементи на Експресивната арт-терапия е, че предоставя широк спектър от възможности за работа, така че да се намери онова, което е работещо за индивидуалните нужди на всеки човек.

Това, което отличава експресивната арт-терапия е нейният феноменологичен подход – изследва се това, което се проява спонтанно на момента и случващото се в процеса не е просто сух, стерилен анализ, а живо случване и преживяване на темата – така, както се разкрива, стъпка по стъпка, момент след момент. 

Експресивната арт-терапия също така е подходяща за всякакви възрасти. Особено добре работеща е за деца, както и за хора в напреднала възраст, също и за двойки, или работа в група и изследване на групови динамики.

Работата чрез Експресивната арт-терапия дава смисъл, свързва ни с ресурсите и собствената ни автентичност, посочва ни пътя.

И всичко това се случва по един креативен и безопасен начин, способстващ случването на дълбока трансформация.

Ако искате да разберете какво представлява и как протича една индивидуална сесия с Експресивна Арт-терапия, можете да прочетете повече тук: